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Kevin Williams LLC is a Seattle-based music instruction studio. Kevin's primary instrument as a Music Education student at University of Washington was saxophone, and he also has over a decade of experience on fretted strings. He's taught k-12 in Seattle area schools for four years, and his focus is instrumental music, primarily band. He offers lessons on wind instruments (saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, flute) and fretted strings (guitar, banjo, ukulele), as well as theory/composition, and beginning piano.

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My main musical project is Seacastle, a collaborative 9 member band featuring lyrics inspired by Seattle and its surrounding wildernesses, banjo, fuzzy guitar, thick vocal harmonies, and a horn section. I co-lead the band with Andrew Gaines, write many of the songs, and arrange the horn parts. Maeve Stephenson helps us out with lyrics too.

Visit our bandcamp page to buy the album, or stream us on Spotify.


Seattle Asian Art Museum

Benji Anderson & Priscilla Umemoto invited me to lead the sound component of their installation at SAM's "Off The Walls" exhibit at Seattle Asian Art Museum in September 2017. Performance credit goes to Benji Anderson, Andy Gaines and myself. "Roller Skates" was originally composed by Nick Hakim. 


Psychedelic space-banjo: the sound track every pot shop never knew it always wanted.

On most Friday evenings I perform an improvised set at Ponder. Playing banjo through a multi-effects pedal and a loop station, I layer a range of motifs, percussive noises and weird sounds to create slowly-evolving pieces. 

Here are a couple "arrival point" samples where you can hear what about 5 minutes of improvised layering leads to ...

... and one sample showing the full development:


Use a Zoom H4N's multitrack function with a Korg Volca Keys and you have yourself a portable synth studio for the road.

Same synth used above, but leaning more heavily on the Volca's sequencer function in lieu of a 4 track:

I was commissioned to compose promotional music for a new product being distributed by the water bottle company, Nalgene. It's recorded with an open-tuned guitar, accompanied by drums I sequenced with Logic Pro. 

This piece features a 115-year-old piano, chimes on the side of a 91-year-old house, a 6-year-old guitar (made in Tacoma), and a 4-year-old melodica from a tour of Japan:

Recorded in my old classroom in 2012, here's a holiday-themed song:

Another short Christmas song. This one's recorded with a toy piano, some percussion instruments, and the grand piano from Gallery 1412 where my student ensembles rehearse. 

Photo: Ross Crollard

A word from clients...

While hunting for a musician to write an original piece for a video, I feel more than fortunate to have been connected with Kevin Williams.  The video is an important tool for my product, and ultimately, my business.  I needed someone who could work with me, as well as my designer, quickly, and professionally.  Working with Kevin was as smooth as butter.  This is a gift when collaborating on a group project, with several opinions in the mix.  Kevin was tuned-in immediately, (pun intended).  He listened intently, and understood exactly what I was describing, and asking of him.  This was made clear when he sent me the first draft of the piece within 24 hours.  I was blown away!  Not to mention thrilled with how Kevin captured our experience, and the purpose of my business with sound.  I was moved by how his work conjured up emotions.  The piece resonated with the very reason I invented my product, and decided to create a business to help others in the same situation.  Kevin is deeply intuitive musically, but he also connected with the purpose behind my business.  It was magic.  Kevin gave me several options for an ending to the piece, and we made only a couple minimal edits to the track.  We had a track in just two days - way beyond my expectations on every level!  Because Kevin is so tuned-in, he creates quickly, effectively, and with heart.  Truly, the best combo!  The final piece pairs perfectly with the video, and I'm excited for the many ways it will add value to my business.  Kevin is a brilliant musician, and true professional.  I look forward to working with him again!

Jennie Leone